Please take the time to research your state's regulations. You can find a link to each state's rules here. Domed Numbers is not responsible for any regulator issues that may arise from having illegal registration numbers on your boat. Use our products at your own risk. COLOR The color you see on your monitor may not match the final product you receive. But do not worry, Domed Numbers guarantees that your numbers will match your boat perfectly. If they do not we will replace them until you are 100% satisfied with your purchase. 100% GUARANTEED TO MATCH We are the only company producing domed boat registration numbers that are guaranteed to match all boat manufacturers. In Short, our numbers will absolutely look like they were factory installed. We have taken the time over the years to provide a fully customizable product so we can match the unique taste of each individual boat owner and stay true to the manufacturer's design. We am extremely proud of the custom domed boat registration numbers we manufacture and we guarantee you will be also.